** MACHINE SCREW WASHERS, screws, bolts, fasteners, nuts **

Machine screw washers, flat, fender, SAE and USS. External tooth and internal tooth lock washers, split lock washers, countersunk finishing washer. Also various finishes such as cadmium, zinc, nickel and more. Hard to find items our specialty. Fast delivery.

Machine Screw Washers - Flat Machine Screw Split Lock Washer External Tooth Lock Washer Internal Tooth Lock Washer Combination Int/Ext Lock Washer Countersunk Finishing Washer

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We carry a full line of machine screw washers, lock washers, nuts and lock nuts. Should you need bolts or other industrial fasteners please go to the bolts catalog index for another industrial fasteners store. In addition to pan head, flat head, round head, oval head, fillister and truss head screws, we also carry binding head screws. If you need a bolt or many bolts, see our other listings on the browse page under bolt or bolts. SEMS screws are available in both Phillips and slotted drive screws.

You can shop and buy these industrial fasteners online. If you need to drill a tap or clearance hole you can find just the right size drill from our free table on this web site. These industrial fasteners (sujetadores) come in steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and nylon. Finishes include black, cadmium, galvanized, zinc and zinc plated. All body size diameters, both coarse thread (NC) and fine thread (NF) are available. On the machine screw washer or machine screw nut page you will find castle nut, fender washer, flat washer, hex nuts, square nuts, lock nut, nylon insert lock nut, lock washer, internal tooth lock washers, flat machine washers, hex machine nut, SAE washers, USS washers, Stover lock nuts, wing nut and Tinnerman nuts. Other fasteners such as tap bolts, structural bolts and cap screws as well as serrated washer flange screws can be found in the cap screws store. We also carry nickel and black oxide fastener.

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